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    We are a Singapore-based architecture and interior design office. We are interested in providing design consultancy & architectural QP services to residential, commercial and industrial design projects, ranging from 50sqm to 10,000sqm, located in Singapore and beyond. We strive to conceptualise buildings and spaces that are not only functional and sustainable, but also delightful and fun.


    Depending on individual client's requirements, we provide one or more of the following: schematic design, design development, tender documentation, contract administration and project co-ordination.

    Darren Tee


    Upon obtaining his Master of Architecture at the National University of Singapore, Darren Tee Jhy Jian joined W Architects and worked under the tutelage of Mr. Mok Wei Wei. During this period, he was given the opportunities to work on a series of institutional and high-end residential projects in Singapore, many of which received critical acclaim both locally and internationally. These projects include the Educational Resource Centre at the National University of Singapore, TG Development's high-end condominium project The Oliv, Keppel Land's Highline Residences in Tiong Bahru, and SC Global's Good Class Bungalow at Swettenham Road. In 2013, he left W Architects and founded his own practice WHITE.


    The Questions

    who, why, what, when, where & how?

    We see design as an iterative process of searching for the right questions to ask, and finding meanings and purposes in our projects in the pursuit of answering these questions. The 'WH' in our name represents our interest in exploring the creative potentials of every project that we do.

    The Tectonics

    the art of shaping & assembling materials

    An abbreviation for the word 'Tectonics' - the science and art of shaping and assembling materials in construction - 'TE' represents the tools, or technology, that we may utilise to engage the topics that we are interested in.

    The Colour

    the commencement of a journey

    When combined, white as a colour suggests purity, completeness and possibilities. It is a mixture of the frequencies of all the colours of the visible spectrum, and yet, like a blank canvas or a white wall, can also be the starting point of unlimited design possibilities.



    Landed houses, Office buildings, etc.

    Licensed with the Board of Architects, we take on architectural projects (new erections, reconstructions, additions & alterations) for landed houses and smaller building projects such as condominiums, walk-ups, commercial buildings, factories, showrooms, institutional buildings, etc.

    Residential ID

    Apartments, Show flats, etc.

    We provide interior design solutions to home owners and developers for residential projects including HDB apartments, condominiums, landed homes, and show flats.

    Commercial / Institutional ID

    Shops, F&B, Offices

    We also take on commercial and institutional interior design projects such as offices, retail stores, cafes, bars and restaurants, factories, showrooms, etc.

    Everything Else

    Etc. etc.

    Temporary installations, pop-up stores, exhibition designs... chat with us to find out more.


    Our Clients Matter

    No two clients are the same. Identifying our clients' needs and the project's context allows us to not only satisfy the functional requirements, but also helps us in imagining bespoke and creative design narratives that are satisfying and delightful.

    Work with a Budget

    We respect and understand all clients' desire for every project to stay within a budget, and we work our best to innovate within the available resources made known to us.

    Innovate to Delight

    We believe in finding the right questions to ask and solving the questions asked with clarity and confidence. We love elegant and rational solutions, and strive to eliminate gratuitous features and design unrelated to the context established.

    No Details Too Small

    We believe that paying attention to the smallest details often makes the biggest impact. We value the importance of right detailing and we inspect our construction projects as a collaborative process with the builders on site.

    Make Sustainable Choices

    We endeavour to deliver projects that are green and sustainable, whenever possible. We deeply believe in smart, passive design and the careful selection of sustainable materials that will benefit both our client and the natural environment in the long run.

    Dreams & Possibilities

    We do not work with preconceived styles or a fixated mind. Designing as we dream, we explore creative possibilities with our options open. We strive for solutions translated in contemporary design languages that go beyond the fleeting trends and the conventional.


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